Lighthouse Property Services

Renee Hanssen and Alison Mills (herself a British Expat) have worked together for many years, providing quality rental services for both landlords and tenants in the beautiful region of Zuid Kennemerland.

We are proud of the fact that during these years we have built up a client base of satisfied customers, from diverse backgrounds; expats and re-pats both leaving and arriving, international companies and their employees, private individuals, property owners and tenants searching for a temporary home.Lighthouse

There is no better way to understand an Expat’s needs than to have experienced the whole procedure personally. An Expat group is invaluable to the settling in process, where is the best place to buy… ? how do I….? Should we…? what do I need to…..? – constant questions that many others in the the group have experienced and are happy to help with finding answers. In order to help our clients settle in to their new environment we often work as much as tour guide, reference book, translator and counsellor, all rolled into an Estate Agent. Our job satisfaction comes from matching the right tenant with the right home and seeing them settle in the neighbourhood.

We are well known for our flexible, customer oriented approach and our knowledge of both the region and the property market, some of the reasons why our clients return and are happy to recommend our services to others.

We are looking forward to showing you around our (adopted) town and region and helping you find exactly the right accommodation.

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