Keukenhof (Photo Katie Joy)

How I survived Keukenhof

Are you planning on visiting the world’s largest spring flower garden? If yes, then this is the article for you!  Keukenhof is a great family day out, even if you don’t like flowers. Here is my survival guide.

  1. Be prepared for crowds. Keukenhof literally has coach loads of people visiting the flower park from all over the world. You will need sensible shoes, knee pads, shin pads and a crash helmet. If possible wear something that is neon and flashes so you can be found in the sea of people in case you and your party get separated.
  2. Take a picnic and picnic blanket with you. Because of all the crowds you won’t find a place to sit to eat your lunch. (Unless you like sitting on soggy grass.)
  3. Visit the park, if possible, by bicycle or public transport. If you drive, be prepared to wait for more than an hour trying to leave the park. (Last year we waited for 3 hours.)
  4. Buy your entrance tickets in advance online. This is one queue you can actually avoid! You will be queuing for the toilet, the gift shop, any food and beverage vendor, the tulip field boat trip and anything else human beings will queue for.
  5. Practise your patience. You will have to wait for a while to get that perfect photo of that beautiful flower you really want. People will walk in front of you and stop for selfies.
  6. Get used to strangers being in your photos; you will run out of patience.
  7. To avoid all the above, visit the park in the late afternoon to early evening. My family made the huge mistake of visiting the park in the morning. Although, I did have a good time, I know I would have appreciated the flowers and the time spent with my family if the park wasn’t so busy.  Isn’t it amazing that all these people from all over the world come to visit a park full of just flowers!?

If I haven’t put you off and you still want to visit, Keukenhof is open this year from 24th March to 16th May between 8 -19.30. For more details here is the website, I want to see flowers!

Have you visited Keukenhof?  Let us see your photos, here: I took nice pictures of flowers!

Did your experience of Keukenhof differ from mine? Let us know in the comments below.

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