How to calm down children?

When children are at home a lot, surrounded by their brothers and sisters, tensions can sometimes build. Children can suffer from tension and over stimulation. Here, I advise the following if you have children who argue a lot.


Read on to learn about tips and tricks to calm down your kids – and get a harmonious home environment again.


1) It can be a learning experience for children to argue.

Children can get out of the fight often enough by themselves and intervening too early makes them dependent on the judgement of the parents.


2) If it gets out of hand, then you can say something.

You can say: ‘Stop, this doesn’t work. Let us do something nice again. Are you able to do that?’


3) If children hurt, hit or kick each other, you should intervene.

A child wants its parent to be powerful, in addition to giving them some freedom. Therefore, you as a parent should also set limits. If children hurt each other, then it is up to you to separate them and talk to them individually. Address your children in a clear tone. Some parents are a bit more temperamental than other parents but try to never yell at your kids. However, you do need to show them that you are in charge and to identify what they are doing wrong; explain to them what you see. Say for instance: ‘I see you’re hurting your brother’. Follow this by stating you want to create a harmonious environment. Then ask if your child can stop that behaviour.


4) Give your children enough 1:1 attention to avoid jealousy among them.

This way you also avoid any arguments that may follow from this.


5) Try to talk it out with the kids so they can express their feelings and work with them to devise a strategy to deal with it.

For little children, you can use emotion cards which can help them to express themselves.


6) Let the children move around to discharge their energy.

Rolling over on a blanket on the floor, doing a handstand, cycling outside.

Let the children move around to discharge.


7) Humour helps.

Make jokes. Make funny faces.


Humor helps with children


8) Have the children do a nice online yoga class.

Taking time out for little ones – as well as the adults – to calm down can be beneficial.


I would love to know how you are calming down your kids when fighting!  Just leave a comment underneath this page.


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