How To Change Yourself Completely with ONE Simple Neurolinguistic Trick

How to change yourself completely

You are not who you think you are. Or are you?

Can you change your thoughts to change yourself?

Since I learned this simple trick, my life shifted completely. You can change just about anything about yourself and it’s all possible just by talking to yourself.

Years ago, I was stressed and burned out working a 9-5 career. I hated it, but I was very successful, earning good money which in turn made me afraid to quit. I didn’t want to lose my status. Each time I met new people I introduced myself as that person, the one I hated ‘’I’m Rachel, Commercial Manager in that company.’’

Once I realised that identity statement kept me STUCK, I started changing that statement into who I wanted to become and said: ‘’I’m Rachel, breakthrough coach, travelling the world and growing on YouTube. I love what I do.’’  The moment I began using these new statements I felt my energy RISE, it made me so happy just saying it and my life TRANSFORMED. I was growing online so much faster, I travelled more and received more clients, more collaborations, more digital work. I was able to QUIT and it felt AMAZING!

Every day, I practice this trick  I change, I tweak it as I want and keep manifesting what I want.

Try it out!

Hack your brain:

‘How you define yourself will determine everything in your life.’


This trick is a very simple way to hack your brain and has nothing to do with brainwashing. You are in complete control. In fact, it allows you to create the identity that you wish for yourself. For example, you may say “I am fat” or “I am lazy”. Once you decide this, your behavior will follow this identity.

You can change your identity in an instant. If you see yourself as a different kind of person, you can become that person you desire to be. It’s that simple, all it takes is that decision. If you want to be a singer, entrepreneur, chef, more fit, less fat, more interesting, … anything is possible once you change how you see yourself.

‘Your identity is a definition that you give yourself that will determine how you interact with the world and the quality of your life. ‘

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Are you ready for CHANGE?

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