I'm no longer Charlie Hebdo

I’m no longer Charlie Hebdo

Possibly I have no sense of humor. Charlie Hebdo’s cartoon mocking my compatriot quake victims, among which many children, didn’t made me laugh at all. Although I truly believe in press freedom I think that this cartoon is disrespectful and in bad taste. No, I am no longer Charlie.

• Charlie Hebdo portrayed quake victims as different pasta dishes. The drawing titled ‘Earthquake, Italian-style’ depicts bloodied victims buried under layers of pasta. A severely bleeding man is labelled “penne with tomato sauce.” A woman with a badly bruised or burned face is “penne au gratin.” And a pile of victims pancaked beneath a collapsed building, their legs sticking out from the bloodied rubble, is “lasagna.”The earthquake in question killed nearly 300 in Italy on August 24.

Charlie Hebdo

• The French magazine, which was stormed by gunmen in 2015 for apparently showing the Prophet Mohammad in poor light, was heavily criticised by Italians for the cartoon titled “Earthquake Italian style.”

• French embassy in Rome said the cartoon does not represent France’s position

• Charlie Hebdo responded to the controversy with another quake cartoon.


If in 2015 I was shouting “Je suis Charlie”, when I saw the cartoon I took distance:

“No, I am no longer Charlie; je ne suis pas Charlie non plus”. Although I truly believe in freely opinion expression I think that this cartoon is disrespectful and of in bad taste. Is this satire? According to me this is garbage.

Charlie Hebdo responded to the controversy with nonchalance, publishing yet another earthquake cartoon on its Facebook page. The cartoon portrayed a person half-buried in the rubble and read: “Italians, it’s not Charlie Hebdo who has built your homes, it’s the mafia!”

Charlie Hebdo Earthquake

I have no words. Or I prefer not to use them, to be coherent with my believe in Press Freedom. I keep my mouth shut with a bitter taste.

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