Increased number of Expats to the Netherlands discover Haarlem to be a much better (and cheaper) alternative to Amsterdam

According to a recent report from the number of properties in Amsterdam sold and the price increase in the first 3 quarters of 2014 is comparable to the pre crisis years 2005-2008.  Wonderful news generally everyone, the economy is reviving!  but of course this has a consequence for the arriving Expat, cost of living and in particular an increase in rental prices!

A report from the NRC tells shows the most expensive cities to live in, last year Amsterdam was number 52 and in 2014 it moved up to take 39th position, a jump over 13 other cities in one year. The report shows the average price for an apartment in Amsterdam is now €2,150.- as apposed to the (mere) €1,800.- in 2013.

Luckily for the Expat, Haarlem is just around the corner! and is not yet experiencing the same level of increase in rental prices, what better time to arrive into Haarlem.  The property is still available at a price the companies and expat’s are happy with the commute is easy if they work in Amsterdam and there is a whole list of reasons why Haarlem is a better choice for an Expat’s stay in The Netherlands. Some examples? Here are 5 reasons you shoould move to Haarlem.

And there is expatsHaarlem of course 😉


Alison Mills
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