India Corner, the best Indian restaurant in Haarlem

I am actually quite well acquainted with a good Indian takeaway. A born and bred Londoner, we have a strong palate for what is a good curry and what is not.

In this multicultural city, you will find Indian restaurants galore and a curry has become one of the nation’s favourite dishes. The UK alone has over 9000 curry houses. That’s quite a lot for an island nation.

When I moved to Haarlem, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a fair number of Indian restaurants and takeaways. ‘Yes!’ I thought, ‘I can still get my curry fix when I need it.’

Was I wrong!

The first place me and my partner tried, wasn’t good. We ordered a takeaway, and well, it was pretty bland at best. Nether the less, we learned from that mistake and tried another place. This time the curry was so salty. It was so salty I might as well been eating this curry in the north sea.

Surely this isn’t what Dutch people think a good curry is? After a few moans at my friends about the lack of a decent Indian restaurant here, they told me I would most likely find a semi decent place in Amsterdam. I was determined to find a decent place here, in my home, Haarlem. And guess what. I found it.

Tucked away in an unassuming corner of south Haarlem, is the aptly named Indian restaurant, India Corner.
This restaurant is unassuming, small, friendly and not in your face. But they happen to sell the best Indian food I have ever had. The owner was poached by a Michelin star Indian restaurant in London and I am glad to say he is back and with him more bought back more skills to his awesome cooking.

This isn’t just an ordinary Indian restaurant. Everything is presented like an episode of Master Chef. And because everything is made fresh on the premises, you can cater the spice level to your choice.  Now I would have taken photos of my meals, but quite frankly, I was enjoying my meals far too much to remember. So you’ll just have to go there yourself and found out.

Oh, did I mention it’s one of the most inexpensive restaurants in Haarlem? Uh yeah! It really is! So check it out. But don’t. I don’t want to wait 6 weeks for a table to be free. So ignore this article and go somewhere else. I am keeping this Indian restaurant to myself. Thanks.

Visiting hours are Tuesday to Sunday, from 17:00 to 22:30.
Houtplein 30, 2012 DH, Haarlem