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International School Haarlem Survey

Should there be an international school in Haarlem?. The Haarlem City Council wants to hear your opinion. Let hear your voice and fill out our short online survey.

As you perhaps know Haarlem doesn’t currently have an international school for expat children.

The Haarlem City Council and selected school boards have asked expatsHaarlem to conduct a survey among internationals with this main research question: “Should there be an international school in Haarlem?”.

Your opinion is important! Let hear your voice and fill out our short online survey (+- 5 minutes).

Among the participants to this survey we raffle a family visit (maximum 5 entrance tickets) to the Teylers Museum in Haarlem.


What is our request exactly?

We kindly request you to share your opinion in a short online questionnaire. It takes only 5 minutes of your time. You can find our survey here. The closing date is May 9, 2016, so we kindly ask you to complete the survey before this date.  Many thanks in advance for your input.


What is an international school?

There are international schools in many shapes and forms. The subject of our study is a government supported international school that offers primary and secondary education. That means it would offer (some equivalent of) the International Primary Curriculum and/or the International Bachelorette, including a diploma programme. The programmes are in English and the teachers are native speakers. The school fee would be significantly lower than with a private school, but higher than with a common Dutch school. Typically, school fees range from €3.000 to €5.000 annually and are paid for by employers.

What students are international schools open to?

The type of international school in our study is not open to everyone. They are only open to:

  1. Foreign students that reside in The Netherlands for a limited period of time while their parents are employed in the country.
  2. Dutch nationals who have had at least two years of international education while their parents where employed abroad.
  3. Dutch nationals who are planning to be educated abroad for at least two years, due to their parents (future) employment outside of The Netherlands.


What happens with the survey results?

The results of the survey are anonymous. General results will be made known to the Haarlem City Council and will be used as valuable input for an International School feasibility study.

Email addresses will never be given to others but expatsHaarlem to be used for the accorded purposes (e.i. the raffle for the free museum tickets and the update about the developments concerning the International School in Haarlem).


What happens later?

ExpatsHaarlem will update you about the developments concerning the International School in Haarlem. For this purpose, please fill your email address in the survey.


Many thanks in advance for your input,

Sincerely yours,

The expatsHaarlem Team

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