Is your job making you sick?

Is your job making you sick? Stop pretending and take action!

Is your job making you sick? Do you feel trapped in your 9-5 wondering ‘this is it for the rest of my life?’ On the other side of this life there is freedom. If you long for freedom, why are you not going there? Stop pretending and start taking steps.

The most common reason why you don’t leave the job that you hate is because of the unknown. What is unknown is scary and so we rather stay where we feel comfortable.

Your dream life is not existing yet, because it is unknown. And there’s only one way to get there, by taking steps!

Taking steps…

  • …means trying to figure it out,
  • …will give you courage,
  • …will increase your motivation,
  • …will create more clarity,
  • …will reveal more opportunities.

Stop pretending you want more out of life and then do nothing! Stop using ‘but’:

…but I’m too old,
…but I’m not smart enough,
…but I might fail,
…but I’m not good enough.

The ‘buts’ are when we argue for our limitations, and when we argue for our limitations, we get to keep them. And the result? We stay stuck!

My life transformed when I took small steps every day to grow online and I could quit my corporate job to travel the world and be my own boss!

Watch this short video to know what you can do to create a new future for yourself.