Jeroen Leenders comedy stand-up show in Haarlem

Get ready for an unforgettable comedy show in English in Haarlem by Jeroen Leenders, who achieved a true cult status within the Belgian and Dutch comedy scene.

This Belgian comedian, who is based in the Netherlands, is known for his uncompromising style and his inexhaustible inspiration. Because we live in a globalized, internet- connected world, it would be insane to not perform in English. Breaking the confining bounderies of his mothertongue, he is bringing his striking, mind-bending, unsettling stand-up comedy to Haarlem!

On Thursday 11 January, Jeroen Leenders will be in Haarlem at DeDAKKAS, presenting his standup comedy Jam Sesssion in English. So mark your calendars for this not-to-be-missed event and get your tickets now!

Jeroen Leenders

Taxi driver Jeroen Leenders (1978) made his debut as a comedian in 2007. In 2008, he is a finalist at the ‘123 Comedy Award’. Later that year, he wins ‘Cabareteske’ in Eindhoven. In 2009, he is a finalist at ‘Comedy Casino Cup’ and the Deltion Cabaret Festival in Zwolle. His Dutch breakthrough follows in 2010 when he wins the jury prize of the Leids Cabaret Festival.

He performed his first full-length show ‘Sorry, I am Jeroen Leenders’ in Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2012/2013, he performs a revival of his first show, premieres his new programme ‘Geen idee’ (No idea) and is part of a Flemish comedy invasion in the Netherlands with the comedy collective ‘The Line-Up’.

For years, Jeroen Leenders has been The Wild Man of Comedy: this Belgian comedian constantly seeks the boundaries between comedy, philosophy and pure anarchy. The Jeroen Leenders Experience is a stand- up comedy- concept since 2014. In this unique project Jeroen puts himself in a tight spot every month by climbing on stage with nothing more than a few swift scribbels on a piece of paper. In this notes there are no jokes. Only thoughts. This way he can practice himself in making relevant and inclusive, yet sharp content. By talking and thinking together with the audiance, he will find out in what way these thoughts are funny and why. Failing is inherent. It hurts when it happens. To him it is the only way to create and witness something authentic. Something not prepared. Not schemed. Something reel. What started in a small cafe in Antwerp, Belgium, grew into a show you can visit in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Antwerp every 2 weeks. Unlike most of his peers, in this format Jeroen does not work with finished jokes that have been tested thousands of times: no, here this genius only presents ideas that he himself thinks could be (or become) funny. A completely unpredictable and retconned show, then, with great jokes on painful topics from one of the best comedians ever.

Now he brings this unique concept to the English- speaking realm as the “Jeroen Leenders Sessions”.


Doors open at 8:00 PM. Show at 8:30 PM.


DeDAKKAS, on top of Haarlem. Go to and IN (literally) Parking De Kamp, take the elevator till the 6th floor to bar/restaurant DeDAKKAS. Follow the signs Haarlem Comedy Factory.


Online ticket price: €13,50; €16 at the door. Student ticket € 9,00 (show your student card at the door).