Joel lives in Haarlem. Joel is sad. Joel is funny. Joel wrote a book.

So who is Joel Azulay? Joel is your neighbour who takes the dog out at the same exact time every day, your friend from home who married his highschool sweetheart, the waitress at your favourite cafeteria, your annoying cousin who still collects stamps, your auntie with the embarrassing jokes, your once-lovely ex who said s/he needs some time to think. Joel is me. Joel is you.

Darkness for sale

Joel Azulay

Darkness for sale

Lovebear Joel at Pathe (City).

Joel wrote a book about darkness. A darkness that he has to deal with for the last 10 years of his life. But while you expect it to be a book full of darkness, it’s not! It’s funny and real and raw and painful and emotional and sarcastic and, did I say funny? We have all been there or know someone who’s been there or we will be there one day. And knowing that other people have been through that and came out of it successfully, knowing that you will be able to get out of bed again and face the sun, have a drink with colleagues, laugh again with others and AT yourself, is the first and biggest step for getting out of it too. Yes, it helps. And as Joel said:

This book is dedicated to people like me, who just ended up in a void and are trying their best to get out. And if a single letter I write helps one of us, then it was all worth it.

The book

Darkness for Sale is a book originally written in English, but also available in Dutch. It will give you an insight into a mind, clouded over by darkness. It was written during dark times in order to create a better understanding about darkness and how you, me, or someone you know can get out of it or (at the very least) cope with it. It is sprinkled with a few fun yet ridiculous stories that make it entertaining as well. And what does Joel get out of it? He said that by writing the first part of his life story he might make some sense of it all. His darkness brought him a lot of problems and stress and a healthy amount of debt. So he decided to make his problem the solution. His darkness is for sale because he is ready to part with it.

You can read a chapter of Darkness for Sale and order it by clicking here. And trust me, you will not regret it. Joel’s writing is so soothing and relatable, that when you finish with his darkness, you might actually finish with yours as well.

Here is the cinematic, over the top, epic trailer of the book that Joel dreamed and created by himself. Because I forgot to tell you that Joel Azulay, is not only an excellent writer, he is a very talented artist in general.

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