Johnson & Johnson admits: their baby products contain cancer-causing chemicals

How is it possible that trusted corporations, headed by mothers and fathers just like you and me, sell potentially cancer-causing baby products? Any kind of carcinogenic material shouldn’t come into contact with things we put in and on our bodies, at any age. In infancy, the most vulnerable time in our lives exposure to some of the chemicals Johnson & Johnson has just admitted to using could spell disaster. A myth falls for my mother. She has always bought Johnson & Johnson for me, till I went out of home at my 19th birthday, thinking that was the best to give to her “baby”.

Johnson & Johnson

The information below is quoted from Diply.

“So, What’s In It?

Formaldehyde has been detected in Johnson & Johnson products. Studies suggest it may cause cancer—and it is in your baby’s shampoo. The chemical is commonly used as an embalming agent when preparing a corpse for burial. What is it doing in consumer-use products, you ask? The “why” is unclear but the “how” is quaternium-15. This ingredient releases formaldehyde, which is known to cause skin, eye and respiratory irritation. It has also been tied to leukemia.

But Wait! There’s More (Sorry)

Johnson & Johnson has another dangerous chemical in their cocktail of potentially cancer-promoting chemicals. 1,4-dioxane is also part of the mix and it too has carcinogenic properties. This gem is a brain toxin that can cause damage to the central nervous system, liver and kidneys.

They Are Taking Their Sweet Time Fixing This And To Hell With The Consequences

For some reason, Johnson & Johnson are not putting a hop in their step to fix this problem. Even with millions of helpless babies bathing in their bathwater, the company is moving slowly in removing these chemicals from products sold in the U.S. The company produces products that are free of these chemicals for other countries. Necessity breeds invention. “.

Damn shame, Johnson & Johnson

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  1. jax
    jax says:

    Formaldehyde is in *everything*. It is in your furniture, your wall paint, the table you eat on every day, your perfume, soap, books. J&J can’t be blamed for the prevalence of this chemical everywhere in society. It is a symptom of mass production in all industries.

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