Jopenkerk in Haarlem, the temple of Haarlem's beer (Photo: Fashion Lady Lovely)

Jopenkerk in Haarlem, the temple of Haarlem’s beer

It is well known that the Dutch love beer,…. so much that they created a temple in glory of this delicious and surprising beverage!

The Jopenkerk opened in November 2010 in the old Jacobs church. When you enter this church you enter a world dedicated to beer. Haarlem’s beer! Jopen is the brand of Haarlem’s beer.

It is close to the office and turned out to be our new HQ! So I know the place quite good.

The decoration and space is truly amazing and pleasant. Some Persian carpets are decorating the ceiling. Behind the long bar, you can see the beer tanks, majestic like organs illuminated by the colorful tall windows of the church. All kinds of tables are spread all over the place, keeping the centre of the bar with an empty space which is usually packed with people most days of the week!

When you can finally sit down, a nice waiter comes to help you if you don’t have a clue which one of the 10 – 15 beers in the menu you should choose.

I have to say that it is unusual to find kind and helpful service in this country. In addition, the waiters at the Jopenkerk are well trained. They have a very good knowledge of the beers and really help you. If you have a doubt, don´t worry! They will bring you a small glass to taste (FOR FREE) and let you decide afterwards.

All the beers I tried were really good. My 2 favorites are the White Smoke (Witte Rook) and the Indian Pale Ale…




Upstairs, you find a restaurant, that is usually busy for dinner. Therefore it’s best to book the table in advance.

After a struggling beginning, the cuisine improved a lot after the chef got replaced. I would genuinely recommend it. You will find seasonal dishes, with fresh veggies from the market, surprising and delicious recipes with beer and the perfect beer pairing! You can also try their special hamburger that is served during the whole day at the bar and restaurant, absolutely yummy!

If you only want a bite, go for the Jopenbitterballen! In this so special place, you order it by unit. So, how many bitterballen are you willing to eat?? In the opinion of my friend Audrey, they are the best bitterballen she ever tried.. and she is a kind of expert!

If you want to keep on exploring the beer world, then your next move should be to participate in one of the masterclasses provided at the Jopenkerk! I tried the chocolate beer once,…. very interesting. You will find more details about my experience on my blog.

So, if you feel to discover a new trendy spot in Haarlem, go to the Jopenkerk! You will probably meet me there with some beers and friends, laughing and eating bitterballen!

Practical details Jopenkerk

Gedempte Voldersgracht 2
2011 WB  Haarlem
Tel. (+31) 23-5334114

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