Keukenhof Castle ready for summer

Now that government measures have been eased somewhat, the Keukenhof Castle estate is accessible again. With the beautiful spring weather and nature in full bloom, everyone can take a lovely walk in the gardens and the forest around Keukenhof Castle – as long as they follow the guidelines. For children there is the short Gnome Walk, decorated with unique gnome poles, and they can play in the playground and visit the animals at the petting zoo.

‘De Hofboerderij’ is open as of 1 June

‘De Hofboerderij’ will open its doors as of 1 June. Visitors can enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a piece of apple pie. You can also go there for a sandwich or poffertjes. Opening hours can be found at The LAM (Lisser Art Museum) is expected to reopen to visitors from Friday 5 June.

Maintenance in the walking forest

In recent months, Keukenhof has worked on improving the forest along the Stationsweg: sick and dead trees have been removed to prevent them from falling. In this way, the forest at Keukenhof estate remains healthy and everyone can enjoy nature. Some of the removed old, dead trees are collected annually by Bollenstreekhout. A group of volunteers turns them into furniture. Together with Bollenstreekhout, 200 new trees have been replanted on the estate. The walking paths have been improved and many people can enjoy the long walk along the ‘Laarzenpad’ where you can encounter many birds. In addition to storks, different species of woodpeckers, buzzards, Canada geese and beautiful blue kingfishers can also be spotted.

Enjoy colour in a historical environment

Next to Keukenhof Castle is the ‘Ommuurde tuin’ (walled garden Frederiks Hof). Pieces of the wall and the greenhouses had fallen into disrepair. The restoration of this historic garden with greenhouses is progressing smoothly and is expected to be completed in early June.

Walking in the dahlia garden

A beautiful dahlia garden is being created around Keukenhof Castle. A total of 150 varieties of dahlia have been planted. Visitors of Landgoed Keukenhof will enjoy a beautifully blooming garden this summer.

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