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Kids Free: kids travel unlimited and for free on NS trains

With the Kids Free Subscription 3 children of 4/11-years-old travel for free and unlimited with you on weekends and during the week on the NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen/Dutch train net) .

The advantages of Kids Free

  • Applies on weekends and during the week
  • Applies in off-peak and peak hours
  • Also valid with other train operators.

Good to know

  • Each child travels with his own OV-chipkaart
  • During the Kids Free Subscription action you can buy your kid’s OV-chipkaart for only € 2.50 (normally € 7.50)

and further…

  • 4 times a year the magazine Spoor fun (kids)
  • Your (grand) child can use a Kids Free subscription accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket
  • Kids with a Kids Free subscription your (grand) child free always travels for free: at peak, off-peak hours and on weekends
  • One-time payment fee is € 0.01
  • Also in Germany and Belgium children travel for free. Look at NS International for more information.

How to order Kids Free

Please, visit this page of the NS website.

A good tip for these Summer Holidays! 🙂


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