Launch: new Haarlem song Ze Heeft Me Betoverd

Launch: new Haarlem song Ze Heeft Me Betoverd

Ze Heeft Me Betoverd / She Has Enchanted Me is an ode by singer-songwriter Raoul Michel to Haarlem.

In the song, he manages to capture the connection he feels with our beautiful city in words and music. What applies to Raoul applies to all 160,000 people of Haarlem. They too have their own special bond with Haarlem. That makes Ze Heeft Me Betoverd a song in which many Haarlem residents will recognize themselves.



After an evening out on the Grote Markt, on your bike with one of your children, at your regular table in your favorite restaurant, on Saturday morning along the sports field and even when you take out the trash, it can happen. A moment of pure love for the city, the moment you know: here I am at home, Haarlem is my city. Haarlem singer-songwriter Raoul Michel has managed to capture this feeling in the song She Has Enchanted Me.

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