We’ve all been there: There is a plate full of fantastic food in front of you, that either you made yourself or someone made for you. What are you going to do next? Of course: you grab your phone, snap a photo and share it on your favorite social medium. As it usually turns out your brilliant curry looks like a pile of dirt, that piece of tender meat seems to have been picked up from the street and that creamy desert resembles your cat’s vomit.


All that to say that it’s pretty damn hard to make tasty-looking looking food look as great on a photograph as it is in reality. How do you capture the brilliance of what’s on your plate? What should you do to transfer something that looks finger-licking good properly to a picture that is nearly as tasty as the original? ExpatsHaarlem comes to the rescue with a special workshop during ProefPark Haarlem !


During this free workshop on Friday, August 28th at 7:45 pm, four(!) professional photographers, selected by Haarlem photo club, will demonstrate how to use your phone to take good pictures of food. Food that will be prepared right on the spot by a cook of Haarlem Foodies. Good thing is that on Proefpark there will be plenty of food, so you can start practicing right away!

So come along this Friday and have a look at the demo kitchen in the middle of Kenaupark. Not only will you be provided with valuable tips on  food phone photography, you can also meet some of the people behind Haarlem Foodies, including Nicoletta Tavella.

Haarlem Foodie Chef  Nicoletta Tavella

On ProefPark Nicoletta will prepare a special, lovely dish. And give some great cooking tips along the way. 

Nicoletta TavellaIn 2000 she began to give cooking classes at the Volksuniversiteit in Amstelveen. It was a nice hobby but she wanted more. La Cucina del Sole was the direct consequence of this activity: one of her passions – cooking – became a real profession. And she never regretted the career switch from translator to cooking teacher! 🙂
Nicoletta’s great love for the Italian cuisine and the best wines brought her to deepen her knowledge of the Italian cuisine further than what she had learned from her family. She refined her culinary skills with some cooking master classes at Gambero Rosso in Rome, a sommelier diploma and innumerable practical experiments. Her great culinary passions are the classic Italian cuisine as well as the regional and historic recipes, the healthy Italian cuisine and the international cuisine.
Nicoletta is considered a culinary expert and is often requested to give advice by the Consumentenbond, TV shows like Kassa! Pestotest (Vara), “De smaakpolitie” (SBS6), “Herrie in de keuken” (RTL4) and “Huisje Boompje Beestje” (NTR), radio shows such as “Dichtbij Nederland” (Radio 5) and “Winfrieds Woonkamer” (NTR), newspapers and blogs.

Nicoletta teaches classic, regional and healthy Italian cuisine offering single cookery workshops, cooking courses of several lessons, supperclub service, culinary advice,recipe writing, presentation of cooking programs on TV and video, articles on the Italian cuisine and more. She also writes about food and wine for her own culinary blogs:La Cucina del Sole (NL) en The Sunny Kitchen (EN).

Best Italian Cookbook in the World

Her first cookbook, “Antipasti” ISBN (9059205154), was published by Veltman publishers, and her second one, “Cucina di casa mia – Recipes of an Italian family” released by Dutch publisher Choizes won the Third prize at the Gourmand Cookbook Award in Paris in the category “Best Italian Cookbook in the World” in 2013.
In 2011 Nicoletta presented 40 episodes of “La cucina degli altri”, her own TV cooking show dedicated to the world cuisine on the first and largest Italian food channel, “Gambero Rosso Channel” (channel 411 on Sky).
Nicoletta is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Ambassadeur. In 2011 she had her own cooking program over the international cuisine on Italy’s first and biggest food channel, “Gambero Rosso Channel” (Sky, channel 411).


Meet the Haarlem Photo Club Photographers

These Haarlem photo club photographers will tell and show you all about food photography using your phone:

              1. Rob Pols, workshop leader, passionate Food photographer and photographer for Rob Pols Photography
              1. Luca Coppola, second main speaker, photographer for Luca Coppola Fotograaf and freelance/event photographer for Dichtbij.nl
              1. Stan Gilling, photographer for BurHolland
              1. Andre de Jong. Food photographer.

Possibly Edo of Fotostudio Edoland will also join us.

Kabeljauw Gin & Tonic Geitenkaas
Codfish with vegetables (Rob Pols for Hotel Arena, all rights reserved) Gin & Tonic (Rob Pols for Hotel Arena, all rights reserved ) Goat cheese (Rob Pols for Food Day Canada , all rights reserved )

See you on Friday August 28th at 7:45 pm !

Lizzy Martin

Lizzy Martin

Lizzy Martin, (born in Oud-Beijerland in 1973) is the owner of Lizzy Kookt. At LizzyKookt you can order business lunches that will make you happy, but you can also hire her to cater your wedding, birthday or simply any happy day in the week. Next to that she creates her own recipes, writes about food, Haarlem and her culinary adventures. Lizzy lives in Haarlem since 2004 with her husband and twins and loves Gin&Tonic, dinner parties, good wine, dancing, the Spaarne River,her friends and family.
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