Libelle opens pop-up shop in Haarlem

Libelle opens pop-up shop in Haarlem

With Libelle Beach Café the known Dutch women’s weekly magazine Libelle wants to bring the atmosphere of the beach to the heart of the city of Haarlem.

From Wednesday, September 17 the magazine Libelle brings a month-long the atmosphere of the beach to the heart of the city of Haarlem. Why? Because the summer can not last long enough. What? The Libelle Beach Café!

The weekly magazine speaks of ‘the first Libelle pop-up shop ever’: A “mini department store” full of atmosphere and inspiration.

The opening will kick off with a sunny mini concert by singer-songwriter Alain Clark. After Libelle treats all visitors on a cozy beach brunch.

According to Libelle the pop-up shop is not just a store but an experience: “Every day different. A mini-warehouse full of atmosphere and inspiration, where the Libelle editors have collected the cutest things: Living and fashion stuff, shoes and accessories, fine beauty products and much more. And quite striking, almost EVERYTHING you see there is for sale… from the books to the closet where they stand. The products have been removed from the packaging for the operation to look, feel and smell the visitors. A true experience.”

Libelle says the Beach Café is more than just shopping, “Food, drinks, getting inspired by the Beach Café’s tablets… Every day is a party, full of fun activities. Such as workshops: chocolate tastings, jewelry making, personal styling advice and skin care analysis. In addition, there are surprising demonstrations, fashion shows and lectures. And often there is a well known author who will be interviewed or will read or sign books. On weekends there is live music by the famous singing group Frommermann”.

Practical Information Libelle Beach Café


Libelle Beach Café Zijlstraat 76, Haarlem

Opening date:

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 at 12:00 pm
Grand opening with mini-concert Alain Clark & beach brunch (until 13:00)

Opening hours:

From September 17th to October 11th, 2014
Tuesday / Saturday 12:00 to 19:00 pm, Sunday 13.00 – 17.00 pm.


(Source: Afdormatie)

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