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The city council of Haarlem announced the location of the new International School Haarlem (ISH) with a press release in which expatsHaarlem was included.


We can finally announce that as of September 2017 the address will be Schreveliusstraat 1 in Haarlem.

The International School Haarlem will be in a traditional school building, used for educational purposes in the last century. The history of the building goes back to 1915. Above you see a photo of the entrance / façade.

The  school will be housed in the same building as the ECL (Eerste Christelijke Lyceum), where first year ECL secondary school students are taught. They will occupy 11 of the classrooms in a separate part of the building when the ECL students are moved to the front part of the U-shaped building in the summer of 2017, which is currently being renovated.

Although they will share one building, they will be two separate organisations and will use separate entrances and recreation areas / playgrounds. Before being moved to permanent location in a few years’ time, the ISH will use the entrance on the Schreveliustraat.
The ECL will use the entrance at Leidsevaart 220.

They ISH expects that the capacity of this building will be sufficient for a successful start of the ISH.

The location can be easily reached by car or bus.

Please, read more about the International school Haarlem in our article or on the website of the ISH.

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The school’s founding  fathers are two school boards, Salomo and IRIS, both of which are actively supported by the City of Haarlem

ExpatsHaarlem has concluded a Partnership with the International School Haarlem and is also a member of its Committee of Recommendation

Ben Cüsters – Chairman of the school board at Stichting Salomo and initiator of the project International School Haarlem has been one of the speakers at our big event in November, Haarlem Connect 2016.

Haarlem International School

Ben Cüsters, Chairman of the school board at Stichting Salomo and initiator of the project International School Haarlem, and Arianna Ardia-Wenink, founder of expatsHaarlem).


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