Long lines at the reopening of IKEA Haarlem

The Dutch stores of housing giant IKEA opened their doors again this Tuesday, after they closed on 17 March because the safety of customers and staff could no longer be guaranteed due to the crowds. The run-up was also massive on the day of the reopening. Long lines of people in need of new furniture stood in front of the doors of Haarlem’s IKEA.

The necessary measures have been taken to protect customers and personnel against the coronavirus. For example, only a limited number of customers can enter at the same time and no more than two people together. There are also plexiglass screens at the cash registers and customer service, and customers are reminded to keeping 1.5 metre distance from each other. The play area and restaurant will remain closed for the time being.

IKEA closed its stores on its own initiative in March, not only in the Netherlands but also in the rest of Europe and the United States.

The company calls on customers not to come shopping for fun. Although they are opening the doors again, they ask our customers to come to the store in a targeted manner and to consult the website and take note of the measures prior to the visit.

The long lines for the door this Tuesday, however, suggest that this message has not reached everyone. And the weekend is upcoming. Let’s not go all there.

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