A lot of tick bites in our dunes

A lot of tick bites in our dunes

The amount of tick bites is increasing in the Netherlands. There is a relative big chance to be bitten.

Tekenradar counted almost 9.000 tick bites. People sent 1.500 ticks to the RIVM Institute. 20% of these seemed to be transporters of the Borrelia-bacterie. 2% of the senders of the ticks got the Lyme desease, an illness which is transmitted by tick bites.

As you can see on the Tekenradar Map also in our dunes there are many ticks. Tekenradar did register in one year in the Haarlem region 3 tick bites per 1 m2. They are the most active in the dunes.

Tekenradar researched the effect of a preventive dose of antibiotics within 3 days from having been bitten by a tick. The research counts more than 1.000 persons and will last 2 years.

(Source: Tekenradar)

In the meantime…

What to do if  you (or your friend/partner/child) are bitten by a tick?

My doctor told me: “Don’t panic!” (I should have known). This doesn’t immediately mean that we are infected by the Lyme deasease. If it happens, remove the tick as soon as possible with a tick pen. How? Grab the skin tight so that there arises a small hill. Put the pen on it and turn the tick out of your skin. Look carefully whether the head is out too and disinfect the spot. Contact the doctor if during the days after the removal of the tick a red border around the spot of the tick arises. A red border could actually be a symptom of the Lyme disease, as fever, headache, fatigue and aching joints.

What to do if you are not bitten by a tick?

Maybe better to avoid those sexy shorts in the dunes and keep the striptease for the beach. 😉

A lot of tick bites in our dunes

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