The famous Luilakmarkt (Luilak market) from June 7th, 2019 until June 8th, 2019 is a pot and plant market which starts at 16:00 in the afternoon and goes on throughout the night until around 11:00 in the morning, Luilakochtend (Luilak morning).

Besides flowers, plants and garden accessories, you can also enjoy delicious food.


Luilak is a non-Christian festival that is usually celebrated on the Saturday before Pentecost. It is a celebration that mocks late risers and latecomers. Luilak is primarily celebrated by young people. They get up at the crack of dawn and try to wake everybody up by ringing doorbells and making a lot of noise. This is why you may suddenly hear an almighty racket in the street very early in the morning. Groups of shouting young people tear around on bikes and motorbikes through the district, a long rope in tow with pots, pans, cans and other things that make noise attached.


Daily starting from June 7th, 2019 until June 8th, 2019.


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