Luilakmarkt 2016: Lets wake those slackers up!

On Friday 13th May, starting from 16:00 and approximately finishing the next morning at 11:00 is Luilakmarkt.



Luilak (slacker) is a non-Christian festival and is usually celebrated on the Saturday before Pentecost.  It’s a party that mocks people who like to sleep and have a lie-in.  The participants are very early to rise and try to make everyone in the neighborhood awake by making as much noise as possible. This is normally done by screaming, shouting, singing, tying ropes behind bicycles and mopeds that carry pots and pans and any other things that can make loud (annoying) noises. Wake up lazy bones!


In addition to all this noise making is a much quieter flower market that happens during the night. Starting from 16:00 you can buy various flowers for your home and garden. Flower stalls are found a long the Raamvest Haarlem selling their wares.

Are you going to be trying to wake everyone up in the morning for Luilakmarkt?


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