May Day

May Day, May Day! What You Didn’t Know about 1st May

Ever wondered why pilots shout ‘Mayday’ in emergencies? That desperate call for help when all seems out of control right? Well, hold onto your seats, because today, we’re flipping the script and exploring a ‘Mayday’ that’s all about flowers, fire, and ancient festivities. Have you ever heard of Beltane, often called May Day? It’s an old celebration that happens on May 1st. People used to light fires, dance around poles, and have fun together marking the transition from spring to summer. It’s all about welcoming warmer weather and good times; the ideal time to practise gratitude, commune with nature and notice the abundance all around us.
And yeah, today is May 1st! And It’s not too late to join in on the festivities. So, how can you celebrate Beltane?


May Day

Here are some simple ways to capture the essence of this ancient festival in your day:
1. FLOWER POWER: Create and wear a beautiful flower crown or make a floral wreath for your front door. You can even brighten someone’s day by leaving little bouquets on their doorstep. It’s a sweet May Day tradition!
2. PRACTISE GRATITUDE: Take a moment to appreciate all the good stuff in your life. Starting a gratitude journal is a great way to do this. Trust me, it can really shift your perspective.
3. PAY IT FORWARD: Finding small ways to make the world a better place is a great way to mark this ancient festival. Gift your time to a friend, charity or community group or find practical ways to live a more sustainable life.
4. ADORN YOURSELF: Get creative with your look, celebrate who you are now and embrace the spirit of the season. Think colourful clothing, bright manicures and accessories galore.
5. CREATE A FESTIVAL: You could also throw a simple party. Invite friends over for a Beltane feast, dance around a bonfire (or at least light some candles) and celebrate the incoming summer.
6. SPEND TIME OUTSIDE: If you don’t have time for a DIY festival try to spend some time outdoors, walking, relaxing or simply stargazing. Connecting with nature is always a good idea.

So, let’s seize the day, embrace the festivities, and make this Beltane a celebration to remember.

Happy May Day, my friends! Which of these May Day tips will you embrace to celebrate today?

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