In these times of uncertainty, where nothing is what it seems, where technology is taking over and where there is no such thing as ‘there are no facts, only interpretations’, one thing is for sure: every last Friday of the month: there will be the expatsHaarlem monthly drink.

So come and join us to celebrate the end of the month and week together!

In this Summer edition we move outdoor: to ProefPark Haarlem! Very close to Haarlem Central Station and thus easily reachable from everywhere.

We have a special surprise for you: the first drink is offered by the organizer of ProefPark Haarlem, Sjors.

The first free drink is for members only. This means 3 conditions. You have to:

1) individually (guests separately) sign up to this meet up event plus

2) be a liker of the expatsHaarlem Facebook page plus

3) be a member of the expatsHaarlem Facebook group.

Not a member yet of having non-member guests? Read above what you/they have to do to become one.

ProefParkHaarlem is a FREE festival. Members that fulfill the 3 requirements will get a notice PAID next to their name and will receive a coin for a FREE DRINK at the start of the event. Let also your guests enjoy a drink for free by explaining them how to get one.

And there is more: the participants grab the chance to win one only real ProefPark Haarlem picnic blanket.  ProefPark Haarlem will make 2 members extra happy Friday 🙂

The other drinks are at your own expense.


Free Cooking & Food Photography workshop at ProefPark Haarlem.

Before the Monthly Drink we have another great event: Free Cooking & Food Photography workshop at ProefPark Haarlem.

Read here more information about the event and here about our workshop.

The expatsHaarlem Events Team

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