We’ve all been there: There is a plate full of fantastic food in front of you, that either you made yourself or someone made for you. What are you going to do next? Of course: you grab your phone, snap a photo and share it on your favorite social medium. As it usually turns out your brilliant curry looks like a pile of dirt, that piece of tender meat seems to have been picked up from the street and that creamy desert resembles your cat’s vomit.

All that to say that it’s pretty damn hard to make tasty-looking looking food look as great on a photograph as it is in reality. How do you capture the brilliance of what’s on your plate? What should you do to transfer something that looks finger-licking good properly to a picture that is nearly as tasty as the original? ExpatsHaarlem comes to the rescue with a FREE COOKING & FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP at ProefPark Haarlem! 


On ProefPark Nicoletta will prepare a special, lovely dish. And give some great cooking tips along the way. 

HAARLEM PHOTO CLUB PHOTOGRAPHERS Rob Pols, Luca Coppola, Stan Giling and Andre de Jong

These Haarlem Photo Club photographers will tell and show you all about food photography using your phone:

The main photography workshop speaker is Rob Pols, workshop leader, passionate Food photographer and photographer for Rob Pols Photography.

He will be supported and complemented by:

– Luca Coppola, second speaker, photographer for Luca Coppola Fotograaf and freelance/event photographer for Dichtbij.nl

– Stan Gilling, photographer for <a>BurHolland</a>

– Andre de Jong. Food photographer.

 Read here more information about the event and here about our workshop.

(Photo: Arianna Ardia)

(Photo: Luca Coppola)


And afterwards? We will have a drink together at the expatsHaarlem Monthly Drink with the first FREE drink of the house! For members only! Please, read the conditions and sign up here.