During the Housing Event 2017 24NANNIES will make sure the kids are entertained with all kinds of indoor activities that they can practice in their new house as well! Check out their great program and join us during the day! Kids of all are very welcome between 3:30 PM and 5:30 pm.

Register here for yourself and your guests & kids: https://goo.gl/gDbMwT


15,15. Doors open

15:30 h.1. Whilst mom and dad are listening to (boring) stories about new houses, we focus on activity number one: BUILDING YOUR OWN DREAMCASTLE!

– Scissors- Glue- A lot of small and large colored paper- Creative Skills

We will also have some color sheets and markers on the side for the smaller kids. After this warming up, we might have to do some extra stretching, because we go to activity number two:


Yes, that’s correct! The nannies will continuously make a new route of colored sheets on the floor, the kids can hop along one by one. And of course, the winner receives a fantastic price!
– Colored sheets
After the Pattern Hopping we go to a very relaxing activity, so everyone can take a breath and drink their lemonade:


Every kid can choose what they want to be. Have you always wanted to be a Tiger, Princess, Pirate or Tropical Bird? All of this is possible during the this round of Face Painting!
– Face Paint
When everyone finished their lemonade and transformed into their favorite animal or idol, we are ready for the last activity: 


Yes, this requires a little bit more motoric skills than you would expect. At first all kids have to craft their own racket. With paper plates and icesticks you create your personal racket. After this you choose a balloon of your favorite color which you blow up. Then, pick a partner and test your rackets! It’s time to TENNIS!
– Paper plates- Ice Sticks- Glue- Tape- Balloons.

17:30 h. END


The gorgeous ancient building of the Societeit Vereniging. 8 minutes walks from Haarlem CS; 4 minutes walk from bus station (also Hoofddorp and Amstelveen); 2 minutes walk from parking Raaks. Very easy to reach from Haarlem, Hoofddorp, Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Leiden.


The event is FREE of charge and offers professional childcare and  1 welcome drink by Expats Mortages. Note that even though this is a free event, free registration is  required. Please, click here to register.

Costs at the door: € 5 p.p.

We will offer all the Kids visiting the event a fantastic HOME!