“Happiness is only real, when shared” – Christopher McCandless (Into the wild)

Share what makes you happy and so spread happiness. Because happiness always brings more happiness. This is the idea and ideal behind the Geluksroute/Happiness Road Haarlem.

Happiness bringers

ExpatsHaarlem will be one of the happiness bringers in Haarlem. Happiness bringers are volunteers: they receive a smile in return. 

What are we going to do? 

Together with Akwan2fo we will be part of the Kidz Gelukroute and schmink children.


Because we love colorful, happy faces. That’s what makes us happy and what we want to do to make you happy as well. Share in return your happiness again with the parents & kids around you. That will make you, us ànd them happy!

Why in the Happiness Road in Haarlem? Because we love Haarlem too!


On a number of Happiness points you will receive a special bracelet. This allows you to be visible to all the Happiness bringers in town. Be open to be surrounded by happiness.

Sign up

Please sign up here and join us at our meeting place. You can also join all the other Happiness points in town.

Let us know with how many kids you are coming (RSVP + number of guests). 


Participation in the Geluksroute/Happiness Road is free.

Read more about the Geluksroute on their website

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