The Historic Grand Prix, Zandvoort is now in its third year. Its instant success in its first year meant that the event attracted over 45,000 visitors last year. This year, it can only get better.

This Historic Grand Prix runs from Friday 29th to Sunday 31st and is a great spectator event with many different historic racing cars fighting for first place within their series. 

Visitors have access to view ALL THE CARS in the paddock. 


Tickets are 20 EUR for a day ticket and can be purchased from the Historic Grand Prix website, where you can find more details about this spectacle. 

We have 10 free tickets to give away and one is yours (!) if you are within the first 10 people to sign up. 🙂

Meeting point: spectator’s entrance

The races finish around 7pm, when we will then head into Zandvoort town for the after party and to watch the drivers parade their cars through the town.

For those still standing after the parade, we will soak up the atmosphere and head to a local bar, perhaps one on the beach.

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