‘Bevrijdingspop’ (Liberation Pop) is a festival with a deeper meaning. First of all it wants you to realize how lucky you are to live in a country where people live in freedom.

Secondly, Bevrijdingspop reflects on the fact that there are many places in the world where this is not the case. Everyone’s Welcome Bevrijdingspop is a free festival where everyone’s welcome. The program contains a mixture of classical music, debates, poetry, rap and pop music from (inter)national bands and a ceremony with the liberation fire. Peace and freedom play a central role.

Bevrijdingspop Haarlem May 5 is Liberation Day in Holland this is the day that ended the second world war after the regime of Germany.

No better way to celebrate freedom than at Bevrijdingspop in Haarlem. There are many festivals throughout the country, but Bevrijdingspop is definitely the most spectacular.

Are you part of it this year and feeling blessed we are living in the Netherlands?  Join Sabine at this day and enjoy your freedom!

For the artists/ music you can have a view on the website of this liberation festival!

Note: Due to a busy day in Haarlem, we have set a limit to the attendee list. If you would like to help Sabine and be a host on this festival we can upgrade the attendee numbers and more members can join this special day. (Contact us at team@expatshaarlem.nl)

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