If the weather permits it, Copernicus is open (Entrance is Free) from 3:00 am during the total lunar eclipse on Monday, September 28th, 2015 ( beginning at 3:07 AM eclipse , total eclipse from 4:11 to 5:23 , 6:27 and end , for downtown lunar crater Copernicus valid entry earth’s shadow at 3:25 and leaving 5:51 ) This eclipse is a perfect timing for watching it in the Netherlands or Belgium)

As it is during the night, please bring warm clothing and maybe for yourself a cup of tea or coffee. It will be a MAGIC evening, and looking at the universe and pondering how little we know about it.

I am open for suggestions to have good ideas about this upcoming night together! Please send them to danielle@expatshaarlem.nl I am planning to go cycling around 13:30 (bus is not available at this hour) the route and adress you can find here:


See you soon!