Broadbents’ is an unique private gym in Haarlem and gives an opportunity to have an introduction about meeting & greeting with expats and members of the gym.

A strong character and authenticity as soon when you walk in the gym. A walk right into England.

Philosophy and sports meet together. “one in a hundred, one in a million’.

Let’s come together for a drink, networking and sharing the love for sports.

A small introduction about Russell who will be making you feel right at home at his gym on the 19th:

In a life devoted to sport and education, playing golf professionally and rugby to a high level, understanding the demands both physically and mentally to achieve such levels of excellence, commitment and sacrifices. Understanding the link between the brain and the body, dealing with the highs and lows. Both parents sharing medical backgrounds, being my inspiration to help others, to help and understand the importance of both sport and education. This philosophy is now incorporated in my own gym, located in the center of Haarlem.

Exclusive 5 star members only gym in Haarlem. Offers personal training, boxing, fitness, nutritional counselling, and self-defense. Small scale ( 100 member limit ) Centrally located, local small business, offering the comforts of your own private gym at a competitive price point. My vision incorporates the philosophy of sport and education walking hand in hand, with tried and tested methods, keeping old school traditions.
Being a member of Broadbents’ encourages diverse conversation across the board

For more information check out the website:

Costs: own consumptions

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