Let’s start the New Year with some activity and fun together. 

Where? At The Little Gym, that strives to give children the best possible start in life. 

We will meet, talk, play and experience The Little Gym, that opens its doors specially for our members on this special New Year’s afternoon. 

Parents can have a chat and look at their kids having fun together or do some activity with them.

What is The Little Gym? After decades of research and hands-on experience, The Little Gym® Europe has over 30 locations in twelve different countries and also a location in Haarlem. The Little Gym® programmes are designed to introduce your child to physical activity in a fun and nurturing environment. Their gymnastics help to increase children’s flexibility, balance and coordination while also improving listening skills, attention span and the ability to follow instructions. Your child will become more confident, more willing to take prudent risks, and be challenged in completely new ways. With each new achievement, self-confidence and self-esteem will soar. Best of all, your child will take what they learn at The Little Gym® back home with them, into the playground and playing field and into the classroom. Tried and tested skills that will give them a big headstart in life.

expatsHaarlem is invited to experience The Little Gym with an extraordinary low entrance fee: 1 kid = €5,00; 2nd kid = €3,50; 3rd kid = €2,50. There is coffee, tea and cake for everybody. 

Please sign up (RVP green button) for both adults and kids counting with how many persons you are coming (1 + the number of adult or children guests). You can bring also friends with their kids. Also then: specify with how many persons in total you are coming or let them sign up separately in the same way.

The parents who like it can sign up till Sunday, January 18th for a Little Gym programme from January 26th profiting of a temporary discount deal.

Are you joining us in this Fun Activity New Year’s afternoon? We are looking forward to it!

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