Proefpark Haarlem comes back! The tastiest park of Haarlem will be filled again with Foodtrucks, Foodiejays, cook battles and especially: enjoyers! 

During Proefpark Haarlem you can taste “lekkernijen”. No complete meals but small tastings.

But ProefPark is more than food only: food, drinks, music and relax in one of the most beautiful parks of the Netherlands. 

At 11.a.m. our kids’ Day Care op Stoom is giving a cooking workshop for children 4-8 years old (€ 8 p.c. Income goes exclusively to Serious Request). Let us know if you want to participate (

We will also have a game: do you remember the colorful benches of Proefpark Haarlem? (see the photo below). Look at Proefpark Haarlem for the bench with the logo of expatsHaarlem and of our partner Interhouse. Make a pic with you and/or your kid(s) next to our logos, show it to the event hosts and get a free ice cream for the kid(s) from expatsHaarlem and a glass of wine of Stijn of GrapeDistrict from Bas Ros of Interhouse Haarlem for the parents (for members only). Mums & Dads, don’t miss it!

The tastings, cooking workshop and the game are almost starting…. SIGN UP now!

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