The additional daylight hours call for brighter flavors and sharper textures to wake up slumbering taste buds. Let’s awaken our taste buds with 16 different Spring Beers. 

Come and celebrate the beginning of spring in Haarlem!

Meeting Point:

The meeting point will be under the statue on the wall that is located in the middle of the picture below. So on the left of the picture you see the Jopenkerk and on the right Shabu Shabu. See you there!

What’s the plan?

We will come together at 15:00 and start the first tasting. More route details will be announced later. We will sign in at the café where we start and where we will finish our tour that day. You can buy a stampcard (5 euro’s) there, which includes the café-route and information of all the Spring Beers. And receiving a present at the end of the day when you return! 

Of course you can also join us and just pay per drink or just join us for a part of the tour.

The participanting cafés:

De Blauwe Druif
De Flapcan
‘t Kantoor
De lift
In den Uiver
De Roemer
De Tapuit
Van Gunsteren
De Vijfhoek
Het Wapen van Bloemendaal

This is a special spring / easter outdoor tradition in Haarlem, not to be missed! 

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