You will be suprised how beautiful Dutch nature is after this walk!

You will be in good hands with the organizers Daniëlle with the love for walking and nature and Klaas who is experienced with  hiking adventures at

What are we going to do in the early morning?

9.15  gathering at the Busstation Haarlem (In front of Burger King)
Taking bus 81, departure 9:38 at Haarlem Station
Arrival bus stop “Zandvoort Riche” 9:58

And we are ready for adventure:

Hiking Route:
Riche Zandvoort- Wisentenpad – Duinpieperpad – busstop Riche Zandvoort is 7,6 km
After there is the opportunity to have a drink together.

Costs: Busticket, the wisentenroute and dunes are free entrance.

What is special about this route?
The Wisent:

The biggest land mammal that still exists in Europe

The wisent is also known as European bison. This bovine animal used to roam large parts of Europe two thousand years ago and is closely related to the American bison.

100 years ago extinct in the wild, but now back in nature

The European bison is back in Dutch nature since 2007,
in Kraansvlak, part of National Park Zuid-Kennemerland.

Would you like to see the European bison? That’s possible!

There are several options to spot the bison. There is a special observation point and you can book an excursion with a guide in the bison area. From September 1st until March 1st the special Bison Trail is open for visitors.

A large part of the ecological studies at Kraansvlak focuses on the behaviour and impact on its surroundings of Europe’s last wild and largest bovine species. Bison Trail:
The bison regularly pass the lake to drink water from the little lake near the Observation pont. Also, they often graze or eat acorns under the big oaks along the enclosure fence at the path from the railway tunnel towards the Observation point. Sometimes they can be spotted from this path.
A walking path within the bison area, marked with yellow capped poles.