The idea of this outing is discovery of Den Haag city though its variety of architecture old and modern. 

We will make a stop as special guests at Peace Palace (Dutch: Vredespaleis). The Peace Palace is called the seat of international law because it houses the International Court of Justice (which is the principal judicial body of the United Nations). The Peace Palace is also the office of our walk leader. Who could be best to introduce us there?

Because a photo walk is not only meant for shooting but also to exchange experiences we will have a drink together at the end in the wonderful Sky bar.

The major spots of the walk:

1. Den Haag CS

2. Muzentoren

3. Spui – City Hall

4. Ridderzaal – Knight Hall through the Plein

5. Gallerie – Gallery Shopping Mall

6 Noordeinde – King’s Palace

7. 1814 Plein

8. Vredespaleis – Peace Palace (14min) Paleis tuin – Royal garden or Royal Stables

9. Grote Kerk

10. Grote Markt

11. Center city (Newly renovated)

12. Chinatown

13. Den Haag HS Train station

14. SkyBar for a drink

15. Den Haag CS

There is no charge for the walk. The only cost, will be the SkyBar consumption and entrance fee of 6 euros daily from 12am to 11pm – includes one drink.

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