‘Men from their 39th no longer interesting for women’

Guys lose their sex appeal at the age of 39. Then they start becoming  sexually invisible to younger women. As they reach the age of 39 men are viewed as father figures rather than sex symbols.

This is written in the Daily Express, who reports the results of a new research by Crown Clinic in Manchester.

Bad news for David Beckham, who just turned 39. ‘Becks’ recently showed off his ripped physique in just a pair of pants, for the launch of his latest H&M clothing range. With wet hair and a god-like body the football star certainly proved he hasn’t let himself go since he retired from his sporting career.

The football star shows off his impressively fir physique for H&M [Photo:PH]

The football star shows off his impressively fir physique for H&M [PH]

But even with his model-like looks, Beckham – as well as his peers Leonardo Dicaprio and Russell Brand – could be succumbing to the “invisible man” syndrome, according to a recent study.

The research found that men start becoming sexually “invisible” to younger women at the age of 39.

As they get closer to 40 they are viewed more as father figures than sex symbols, even if they still have very good looks.

Five signs that you have turned into ‘The Invisible Man’

According to the 1,000 people polled, the most obvious sign of the change is when a man is no longer eyed up by women when he goes out.

Then the first flecks of grey hair and the emergence of a double chin are the biggest turn offs in older men. The ranking of the five signs that you have turned into ‘The invisible Man’ are as follows:

1. Women no longer eye you up in a bar

2. Greying hair

3. Double chin

4. Thinning hair

5. Bad teeth

Beckham was pictured last month showing grey hair in his beard – but days later all the silver had disappeared, suggesting he had resorted to dyeing it.

Not just a matter of age

Of the thousand people who took part in the British study 52 percent of the people questioned said men start to loose their sexually attractiveness as they approach the big 40s.

But age is not the only disenchant factor. 60% of the women assume that most men in their late 30s have already a fixed relationship and are not worth approaching.

Leonardo di Caprio

Leonardo Dicaprio is another celeb who has hit the dreaded age of 39 [Photo: GETTY Images]

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