Monopoly Haarlem is coming

How many of us played Monopoly as a kid or maybe even still play it today? Did you know that the streets and landmarks in the game come from the famous gambling city Atlantic City, New Jersey in America? You may have even seen other versions of the game based on other cities such as Amsterdam or New York, but soon, even Haarlem will have it’s own version, Monopoly Haarlem!

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Haarlem is the city of the Zijlweg, Houtstraat, and Barteljorisstraat. But also the city where the art of printing was invented and where Fokker flew his first airplane. With a center from the 17th century Haarlem is getting it’s very own addition of the world famous game. The famous streets, squares, and buisinesses will be adjusted in the game. The box, the board, and the chance and community chest cards: the game will be adapted to Haarlem’s style.

When the contents and design is determined, the game will be produced in a limited edition where customers can purchase it at and at a few local retailers. A part of the proceeds of the Haarlem edition will go to a local charity.

So, will you go buy one right away to show off you love for Haarlem? Not so fast… the game is still under development and pre-orders start 63 days from now. The cost? €49.95. A bit expensive for a board game? In this writer’s opinion, yes, but hey, this is Haarlem we are talking about here. It’s a limited edition and some money will go to a Haarlem charity so I say go for it. Do I see a game night event on the horizon?

“expatsHaarlem plays Monopoly Haarlem!”