English lessons to bilingual children in Haarlem and surroundings (Photo: Gerlinde de Haas)

Haarlem is a great place to grow up for children and although there are many internationals living in Haarlem, there is currently no international education in Haarlem. Once at school, multilingual families often experience that the primary language develops much faster than the secondary language which then causes difficulties talking to grandparents and other family members abroad. To overcome this, a recent initiative was started by a Haarlem parent, called ‘MiniLinguals – Languages for Global Kids’, which offers English lessons to bilingual children in Haarlem and surroundings.


It teaches English in a fun and engaging way through the use of games, songs, puppets and exercises. The company aims to improve children’s English and provide a bridge between cultures. Courses are tailored to the specific needs of bilingual children and are taught by native English speakers.


A pre summer course, which prepares children for the summer holidays and focusses on travelling, home country and second country, is starting on the 6th of June in Seinwezen, Haarlem. Free introduction sessions are being held this Friday, 30 May, also in Seinwezen.


For more information you can visit

MiniLinguals’ website or Facebook page.

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