National Tulip Day

National Tulip Day

The start to Tulip season officially begins on Dam Square in Amsterdam. 

The event is organised by Dutch tulip growers who build a unique tulip picking garden on Dam Square. Anyone can come and see the tulips and pick your very own, for free!

Tulip season is inaugurated officially on National Tulip Day; January 21st. The Tulip season is the period from January to the end of April, in which all varieties of Tulips will be grown. 1.7 billion Dutch Tulips are estimated to bring spring into homes around the world. As a result, Tulips have become The Netherlands trademark flower.

Tulip Garden

Each year, Dam Square is turned into a massive colourful temporary garden, full of a variety of 200,000 Tulips.  More than 10,000 people are expected to come and pick their own bouquet. This year the special theme is, ‘Mondrian to Dutch Design,’ as The Netherlands celebrates 100 years of ‘De Stijl.’

The garden is open from 1pm on Saturday 21st January on Dam Square.


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