Nature greener and earlier than last year (Photo: Michael Hofmann)

Nature greener and earlier than last year

We could enjoy blooming flowers earlier this year. Spring came this year a month ahead last year. Nature is also a lot greener.

According to Natuurberichten (which means Nature messages) nearly 30 percent of the deciduous forests and grasslands are greener than last year. This results from observations of the Groenindex, which are determined by satellite reports. This is due to the continuous high temperatures for the time of the year. This is what RTL Nieuws communicated today.

The hawthorn blossomed this year on April 14th already, a month earlier than last year, when we had a cold spring. The broom bloomed even five weeks earlier than usual.

Nature is greener this spring: trees already in full leaf

Besides that the abundant flowering the very early start of spring can be seen from the fact that all trees are full of leaves. The leaf unfolding of the birch was 21 days earlier than usual, the beech 22 days and the oak even 25 days.

(Source: RTL Nieuws/ANP)

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