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The Netherlands world’s second-biggest beer exporter

Dutch brewers hit in 2014 a record high as world’s second-biggest beer exporters. 

Dutch breweries exported an all-time record 1,6 billion euros worth of beer last year, surpassing 2013 exports by four per cent, Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS) said. This makes the Netherlands world’s second-biggest beer exporters.

The Netherlands was once the world’s top beer exporter, but since 2010 has come in at second place behind Mexico (1,8 billion euros worth beer export).

Dutch beer also beloved outside of Europe

Dutch beer is drunk all over the world. Two third of the export is for the non-European market.

Americans are by far the best customers of Dutch beer. Last year, exports to the United States accounted for 37 per cent of all exported Dutch beer. According to Comtrade Dutch beer holds a significant 19 per cent of the American market.

EU countries also make up an important part of the Netherlands’ export market, and the popularity of Dutch beer in France has been on the rise.

Additionally, Asian markets – specifically Taiwan and China – have seen export value increase.

Other popular European beer exporters

Germany and Belgium hold with an exported value of 1,1 billion euros the fourth and fifth place on the list. Belgian brewers almost doubled their export in the last 10 years.

[Source: NOSCentraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, Volkskrant]


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