Because no one listened to my reasons why you should never live in Haarlem Part I ; here is another list why you should never live in Haarlem. You have been warned!


Why You Should Never EVER Live in Haarlem.



There is nowhere to shop.

Haarlem molen AdriaanGeert Snoeijer

The weather is terrible!



The train station is always over crowded.


The traffic is awful! (This person waited for 7 years at this traffic light.)



This church is full of alcoholics.



Haarlem has no history.



This Organ is nothing special.


All these people are thirsty, hungry and lost.


You will get lost in the maze of horrid small streets.


So what ever you do, do not come to Haarlem!

Images courtesy of Haarlem MarketingHaarlem City Blog and IamAmsterdam.

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  1. Dan
    Dan says:

    100% Agreed! Moved here a month ago just in time for the spring.. and it’s been horrible. 😉

    Plus we’re WAAAY too close to the beach. Horrible fresh seaside air.

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