the Haarlem International School

New Haarlem International School in September 2017

If all goes to plan, the new Haarlem International School will open its doors in September 2017. ExpatsHaarlem proudly announces its partnership with the School.

The school will be located somewhere within Haarlem’s municipal borders and will offer an international curriculum to specific groups of students. The precise location will likely be announced in March 2017.


The 2017-2018 school year will see the start of the primary school, where children between the ages of 4 and 11 will follow an international education.

Another aim is to quickly start both a nursery school and an after-school childcare facility. Starting 2018-2019, the school will add the junior classes of secondary school to its offering, creating a continuous range of educational programmes for expatriate children in Haarlem and the surrounding municipalities.

​The International School Haarlem will be government-funded, meaning certain conditions must be met for admission. The school will be a member of the Dutch International Primary Schools.

Characteristics of a Dutch International School

The Dutch International Schools receive government funding and therefore operate within the framework of the Dutch educational system. They differ in this way from private international and foreign education facilities.

The Dutch International Schools possess a number of distinguishing qualities in comparison with these other institutions, such as  an active international character and being  subject to inspections carried out by the Dutch authorities.

The Dutch International Schools use English to teach  their international curricula.

Even though the government subsidy does not cover all costs, The Dutch International Schools are able to charge relatively low school fees in comparison with private international and foreign educational facilities.

School fees for the International School Haarlem will be published on our website in April of 2017.

The Dutch International Schools are affiliated  with regular Dutch schools.

Dutch International Schools:

Haarlem International School website:


The International School Haarlem will offer primary and secondary education in an English speaking environment. The school welcomes applications from students from all over the world who can demonstrate a need for an international education.

Requirements for admission  to a DIS (Dutch International School)

DIS are acknowledged and funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Therefore, admission requirements are based on national regulations.

A student will be admitted to an international department if he or she complies with at least one of the following three conditions:

The student has a non-Dutch nationality (or: also a non-Dutch nationality) and has a parent who is working in The Netherlands (or in a Dutch border region) for a limited time (maximum 3 years).

The student has the Dutch nationality  and has attended an international school abroad for at least two years because a parent was stationed abroad.

The student has the Dutch nationality and a parent (with whom the student will be living) who will be stationed abroad within two years of admission for at least two years. This  must be confirmed in writing  by the parent’s employer.

Admission to a Dutch International School  is subject to conditions set forth in Dutch legislation.

You  may apply starting 15 March 2017. If you have any questions regarding your application or the conditions of admission, please contact:


The school’s founding  fathers are two school boards, Salomo and IRIS, both of which are actively supported by the City of Haarlem

ExpatsHaarlem has concluded a Partnership with the Haarlem International School and is also a member of its Committee of Recommendation

Ben Cüsters – Chairman of the school board at Stichting Salomo and initiator of the project International School Haarlem has been one of the speakers at our big event in November, Haarlem Connect 2016. (Featured image above with Ben Cüsters, Chairman of the school board at Stichting Salomo and initiator of the project International School Haarlem, and Arianna Ardia-Wenink, founder of expatsHaarlem).

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    Tushar Bagave says:

    Can we know the tentative location of this international school in Haarlem? We have recently relocated to Netherlands and really like Haarlem. If the international school is a going to be a reality, then we can definitely look for staying in Haarlem.

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