New HEMA in former V&D building at Verwulft in Haarlem

In the course of the following month, the department store HEMA will move into the ground and first floors of the former building of V&D / Hudson’s Bay at Verwulft in the centre of Haarlem. There the group starts a Hemarkt.

It is currently a temporary lease, but HEMA would like to settle there permanently with a complete store, according to a spokesperson. In the HEMA building on the Kruisstraat, a Jumbo supermarket could be built as well.

The Hemarkt can be described as the outlet formula of the HEMA, which has already settled in several cities. Products are sold there for a fair price.

The layout of the ground floor and first floor has already started; the opening will be in three or four weeks.

Should the HEMA finally settle in the monumental department store, the branch in Kruisstraat will be closed.

According to the spokesperson, it is not yet clear whether the HEMA will be relocating to the entire building at Verwulft with a definitive move, nor whether a restaurant would be built on the top floor.

In recent months, a discussion has been ongoing in Haarlem about the new scope of the national monument building at Verwulft. For example, the municipality briefly investigated whether the central library could be housed here, or other cultural institutions of the city. Living accommodation on the top floors has also been suggested. The municipality would like to see a bicycle shed in the basement to tackle the inconvenience of bicycle parking around the Botermarkt.

[Source: Haarlems Dagblad]

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