New Music "from Haarlem": Jacqueline Govaert, White Nose, Myriam West, The Name

New Music “from Haarlem”

A music hit: Jacqueline Govaert, Songs To Soothe; Haarlem rock/punk: Yorick van Noorden & White Nose, The Hype; Jazz and blues: Myriam West, From now on, Haarlem metal: The NameUnchained

A hit: Jacqueline Govaert, Songs To Soothe

The second solo album of the singer-songwriter from Haarlem Jacqueline Govaert, Songs To Soothe, is a real music hit. The album came out on March 21st and reached one week after the release the number one position in the Album Top 100.

In her free time Jacqueline walks often around with or without her hubby and 2 kids in the small Vijfhoek streets.


Haarlem rock/punk: Yorick van Noorden, The HypeWhite Nose

Yorick van Noorden is known from the band The Hype, exhibiting many times on radio, TV and festivals. After the band broke up Yorick started another music experience with Louis Inghels. White Nose made a new single, Had enough, a song which is definitely different from Yorick’s previous ones. The single sets the tone with punk sounds and socially critical lyrics.


Jazz and blues: Myriam West, From now onMyriam West

The singer-songwriter from Haarlem, Myriam West, found inspiration for her new album, From now on, in THE city of jazz and blues: New Orleans. Once back in Holland she started writing the collection of songs strongly filled with the New Orleans experience and feeling. A delightful collection to listen to. Quality time to relax.



Haarlem metal: The Name, UnchainedThe Name

The Name is popular far beyond the area. The fivesome from Haarlem have released their fourth album Unchained, recorded at Split Second Sound Studio of Jochem Jacobs (ex-guitarist of the Dutch metal sensation Textures). The album contains twelve songs with strong lyrics, raw elements of metal and sensual melodic vocals.


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