New rules for day care tax reduction in 2014 (Photo: Arianna Ardia)

New rules for day care tax reduction in 2014

Working and having or expecting to have kids at the day care in 2014? Be aware that from 2014 there are new rules for the Childcare Payment Request to have tax reduction.

If you are working and paying taxes for childcare in the Netherlands you are entitled to Childcare Tax Refund. How much refund depends on income, the amount of kids that go to the day care and the amount of day care hours that you are entitled to.

The rules for the Childcare Payment Request have changed. In 2013 you could make a request for your Childcare Payment during the entire year at the Belastingdienst (tax collector’s office). In 2014 this request can only be made maximum 3 months after the first month that your child has gone to the day care.


This sounds complicated, so here an example. Your child goes to the day care on the 24th of February, but you request the Childcare Payment on the 15th of July.  Then you have a right to receive Childcare Payment for April, May, June and July.

So, be on time with requesting the Childcare Payment. It would be a pity to miss a monthly payment. So many useful or just nice things to buy from that money!

Do you want more information about these changes or tax refunds in general? Go to

(Source: De Belastingdienst)

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    Thanks Arianna! Did not know that… That would be unpleasant surprise in a few months… Thanks for tip!

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