New: Sugar And Spices Bites

New: Sugar And Spices Bites

The couple Umang and Jalpa had a clear vision: they wanted to create a place where you can have a casual drink, where you can have lunch or dinner, with the Indian cuisine as a starting point –without the cliché curries-, paired with excellent wine and good coffee. On July 23rd their vision became reality, when they opened the doors of their first restaurant: Sugar and Spice Bites, at the Generaal Cronjestraat 33ZW, Haarlem.

New: Sugar And Spices Bites


Umang and Jalpa want to stay away from the more common concept of Indian restaurants: so don’t expect to find the classics. The menu offers Sugar And Spice Bites’ interpretations of Indian home-style meals. Furthermore Jalpa, the chef of the restaurant, is skilled in baking sweets and can also provide lunch and take-away. When the webshop goes online, you will also be able to order in.

Umang and Jalpa chose their location with care: the Cronjéstraat has a large parking garage. And Sugar and Spice will be the perfect place to kick back after a shopping spree and have a cup of Lavazza coffee and a bite to eat. And with a price range of about 20-22 euros for a three course menu, the pricing is more than reasonable.

New: Sugar And Spices Bites


Chef Jalpa will expand her menu slowly. For now you can taste her version of Cashew Cream Curry, have a cupcake with chocolate and mint cream and dig into a several tasty Pakora starters with coriander pesto. With the Saturday and Sunday brunch menu the restaurant focuses on the expat community.

ExpatsHaarlem thinks there is a lot to be discovered at Sugar And Spice Bites in the Cronjéstraat!

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Sugar And Spices Bites, 

Generaal Cronjestraat 33ZW, Haarlem,

Tel. nr. 023 737 06 93,



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