dead (Foto: Michel van Bergen)

New Year celebrations: one dead and several injured in Haarlem

Knife attack leaves one dead and several injured in Haarlem. 

A 22 years old man called Sjeddy was killed and several people injured in a violent incident on the Zomerkade in Haarlem early on Friday morning, the police reported on Twitter.

Exactly what happened is still unclear. A spokesperson for he police told the Telegraaf that a stabbing may have been involved, but they are still investigating.

It is not clear how many people were injured. As far as is currently known, 5 people are persons are arrested and questioned.

A friend of the victim organizes a silent march in memory of the murdered man, Haarlem 105  reports. The march is expected to be held this Friday at 19:00. The exact route is not known yet.

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